Australian Pigeon Company

The Australian Pigeon Company was founded in 1994 by avian veterinarian, Dr. Colin Walker, and is based at the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic. The company manufactures and supplies a range of pigeon and also cage and aviary bird products. These include treatments for worms, canker, respiratory infection, and coccidiosis as well as multivitamin supplements, picking stones, grits, probiotics, electrolytes and pelleted food.

packaging product prior to shipment     

                         Factory - packaging product prior to shipment                       Factory - Medication mixing rooms

Medication mixing rooms     


Factory - work floor scenes

Bird veterinary clinic      

                            Factory - preparing product for shipment             Mineral Blocks awaiting inspection and packaging

Some famous international and Australian visitors to Dr Walkers lofts     

                                    Some famous international and                     The Australian Pigeon Company provides products

                                 Australian visitors to Dr Walkers lofts                  and veterinary expertise for many events - in this

                                                                                                                                    case the Queensland Cup

Pigeon Vet

Dr. Walker at a Pet Expo promoting the sport of pigeon racing


Dr Colin Walker's breeding loft

stock loft

Dr. Walkers Stock Loft

racing Loft     

Dr. Walker and his race team outside of the racing loft