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Bird Clinic Melbourne
Dr Colin Walker
Avian Veterinarian

Dr Colin Walker was born in 1954 in Melbourne Australia. He graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Melbourne in 1979. Through post graduate examination he became a college accrediated avian veterinarian in 2003. He also has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Zoology from the University of Melbourne. Colin worked as a general practitioner veterinarian until 1994 but since that time has focused his veterinary work on birds. Colin established the Knox Bird Veterinary Clinic, later the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic in 2000. Colin has kept pigeons since he was 10 years old and started racing in 1969 when he was 15. He races most years except when work or travel commitments preclude this. Colin competes in his local club, the Knox Racing Pigeon Club and is the club''s president. The Knox Racing Pigeon Club is affiliated with the Victorian Homing Association which has about 300 members. Colin has twice been federation champion (i.e. best flyer for the year) and has twice been runner up. In 2010 he was placed 12th overall. Colin also keeps and exhibits several breeds of fancy pigeons - Nuremburg Lark, Damascene, Australian Suabian, Syrian Tarbesh, and British Show Racers and over the last 10 years has had over 15 National Champions. Colin also maintains 38 aviaries and breeds the less common species of Australian parrots and also Australian Fruit Doves. He believes that maintaining healthy captive populations of these declining birds is a vital part of their conservation. Colin established the Australian Pigeon Company in 1994 which produces a range of pigeon health supplements and medications that are widely used throughout Australia. The active competition of pigeon racing has lost none of it''s excitement for Colin and he remains an ''avian-tragic'' being facinated by all things avian. He feels privileged to work with many of the birds that he sees at his clinic and finds being an avian veterinarian enjoyable and rewarding.

One of Colin's other interests is Persian Sheep and he operates a Persian Sheep stud in Pearcedale, Victoria. These unique sheep can be seen at his new website,

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Dr Corrie Pinkster
Avian Veterinarian

Dr. Corrie Pinkster has been with the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic since graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2006. She recently completed a post graduate diploma in Avian Medicine and sucessfully passed her membership exams in Avian Medicine and Surgery in 2012. At home Corrie has 'Gazza' the galah, 'MC' the blue and gold macaw and 'Shadow' the cat to keep her on her toes. Corrie has a particular interest in avian behaviour.

Dr. Stacey Gelis

Avian Veterinarian

Dr Stacey Gelis is an avian veterinarian with over 20 years experience. He obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Melbourne in 1991 and obtained his membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Avian Medicine in 1995. He has since been an examiner himself for the college and taught veterinary students. Stacey has worked in Melbourne, on the Sunshine Coast in QLD in private and zoo practices and for the last 4 years in Sydney before returning to Melbourne in December 2013. Stacey has a keen interest in aviculture and has travelled extensively both in Australia and overseas to further his avicultural and veterinary pursuits.

Marcia McDonald

Marcia McDonald has worked at the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic for 22 years. She is a familar voice on the phone and face at reception. She is an extremely experienced bird handler and surgical nurse and has much to do with the day to day running of the practice. Marcia has taken the birds to the Statewide Victorian 700 mile pigeon race and also successfully exhibits several breeds of fancy pigeons winning in the last few years two National Championships (Best Australian Suabian, Best Damascene).

Laura Van Dinther

Laura Van Dinther joined the team in 2008. She has a Bachelor of Animal Science and Management from the University of Melbourne and has a keen interest in all aspects of animal behaviour. When Laura is not at the clinic helping clients or assisting the vets, she is training and competing with her two horses Boo and Beau.

Tracey Adams

After completing a Bachelor of Animal Science and Management at Melbourne University Tracey Adams joined the team in 2006 and spent 2 years gaining extensive bird nursing knowledge. She then headed off into the dog and cat world of nursing. During this time she completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Tracey worked for several years in general practise before finding her calling at a specialist small animal surgery where she worked for 4 years. After gaining extensive knowledge and experience Tracey decided to re-join the team at the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic. When Tracey is not at work you can find her spending time with her menagerie consisting of her dog, cat, rabbits, Galah and Hooded Parrot. Tracey's Hooded Parrot “Hoody” accompanies her to work daily where he loves interacting with the clients and helping with paperwork.

Ian Osmand
Warehouse Manager

Ian is the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic's and Australian Pigeon Company's warehouse manager. He is responsible for stock maintenance and the preparation and distribution of avian product orders. Ian was a competitive pigeon racer for over 20 years.