If you are looking for a bird vet near you, you can be sure our clinic has been purpose designed for birds and is fully equipped to provide excellent care for a wide variety of feathered patients and advice for bird owners. While we love dogs and cats, your bird won’t be sharing a waiting room or hospital ward with them, they are not treated at our clinic. We only treat birds.


Our staff are available to assist and advise you on any problems which you may have with your birds.

  • New bird examinations
  • Primary care and referral consultations
  • Annual health examinations
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasound
  • Fully equipped surgery
  • Anaesthesia and patient monitoring 
  • In house pathology
  • Full complement of external laboratories
  • Accident and emergency care
  • Hospitalisation in heated cages and full supportive care
  • Preventative medicine and wellness examinations
  • Behavioural management and advice
  • Nutritional advice
  • Flock health, aviary and loft management advice
  • DNA and surgical sexing
  • A pharmacy with medications specifically tailored for birds


Budgies, Parrots, Cockatiels, Cockatoos and Macaws

  • We are happy to chat with people considering acquiring a bird about what species would best suit their circumstances and what nutrition, care and facilities are likely to be required
  • We recommend a ‘new bird examination’ with diagnostic testing that will depend on the species of bird, clinical findings and individual circumstances
  • We offer, and recommend, group or individual sessions with a bird behaviourist to help owners implement positive reinforcement techniques for effective and caring bird training
  • We sell a range of toys, nutritional and health products that are recommended by our avian veterinarians for pet birds
  • We encourage annual ‘well bird examinations’ where we do physical examinations, check nutrition and husbandry, check droppings, clip claws and carry out other procedures as needed.

03 / Pigeon Racers, Aviculturists and Bird Breeders

We offer loft and aviary assessments and breeding advice

  • Aviculturists not only need to keep their birds in good health, they need to ensure that their birds are fit to breed and raise chicks. The avian veterinarians at MBVC have bred multiple species of birds themselves and are well trained and experienced in troubleshooting breeding, incubation and hand rearing challenges  
  • Live birds can be sent in via courier for diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Various samples such as droppings or indeed dead birds can be sent for diagnostic work.

04 / Pet Poultry

Chickens, Ducks and other species

  • We recommend ‘new bird examinations’ which include droppings tests for worm parasites and coccidia, checks for lice and mites, a full physical examination and other testing if needed. Nutrition and husbandry are reviewed
  • Reproductive problems, parasites, bumble foot, infectious diseases and cancers are just some of the problems we commonly see in pet chickens. We recommend annual checks on at least some of the birds in a pet bird flock to prevent these issues.

05 / Anaesthesia and Surgery

Specialist training in surgical techniques for Bird Patients

Our avian veterinarians have had advanced specialist training both in Australia and overseas in surgical techniques for bird patients and our clinic is equipped with specialised monitoring devices, surgical instrumentation and anaesthetic equipment to provide excellent care for avian patients.