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Dr Courtney Dunne


Courtney is a qualified Avian and Unusual Pet Veterinarian. After graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2012, she pursued mixed practice and simultaneously worked for Melbourne Bird Vet one day a week. This one day a week solidified her passion, encouraging her to pursue further knowledge in the field of avian medicine. She attained membership level qualifications with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) in Avian Health in 2016. Seeing the benefits of being able to supply veterinary care to birds, she expanded her horizons to that of other less usual species encountered in the veterinary world. In 2021, she formalised her qualifications in the Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets. 


After having contributed to the education of future veterinarians through many years working for the University of Melbourne, as a clinician and lecturer, Courtney has returned to where it all began; here at Melbourne Bird Vet. At home, Courtney shares her dwellings with a husband, two young children, two dogs and of course, a flock of five – four Green Cheeks and an Alexandrine. 

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