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Looking for an avian vet near you? Please phone (03) 9764 9000 or book online for an appointment

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9 am to 6 pm Monday to Fridays

9 am to 12 pm Saturdays

11 am to 12 pm Sundays

If you’re looking for a bird vet near you, you know that your bird will be in good hands with the highly qualified, caring and compassionate avian veterinarians at Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic. We have decades of specialist experience and only treat birds. 

Our hospital, surgical facilities and diagnostic equipment are tailored to the needs of feathered patients of all varieties. When you visit Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic you can be confident that your pet will be have premium care from the leaders in pet bird medicine.

Dr Matt Gosbell Removing a Foreign Body from a Baby Amazon Parrot.


Companion birds

budgies, parrots, cockatiels, cockatoos and macaws

As well as being experts in providing medical and surgical care for pet birds we understand the close bonds that people form with their feathered companions and value of behavioural training to enhance human-bird relationships

chicken home

Caring for pet poultry

chickens, ducks and other species

A new generation has discovered the joys of chicken, duck and poultry ownership that goes beyond collecting eggs and recognises interesting connections these birds form with each other and their human carers. We have years of experience and the latest technologies to address veterinary problems in pet poultry.



racing and fancy

Racing pigeons not only need to be healthy, they need to be competitive. Started by Dr Colin Walker, a world authority on both racing and fancy pigeons, MBVC has a long tradition of working with both racing and fancy pigeons.

Excellent bird vet. Only vet that is an expert with birds, most other vets are great with cats & dogs and really have no idea when it comes to birds.
Ian Stevens
Ian Stevens
11:00 09 Feb 20
Fantastic place! Lovely caring people too. My budgies booked for surgery to remove a possible cancerous tumour next week and Im confident theyll do a great job with him. Definately making this my resident bird vet.
Zohe Eames
Zohe Eames
11:21 08 Jan 20
First visit for my Alexandrine girl's yearly well bird checkup after the change of ownership and I found Dr. Maddie to be very caring and helpful
Astrid Kranzbuhler
Astrid Kranzbuhler
05:42 30 Dec 19
Excellent vet, friendly staff. Mel is an awesome pet behaviourist. My new baby conure had an overall health check, as well as getting microchipped. He approves!
Claire Hennekam
Claire Hennekam
09:44 14 Dec 19
The best avian vets I've encountered. Every vet is knowledgeable and caring and always thorough in their examinations. They've got a wonderful wide range of treatments and products and always look after my two pigeons!
Alice Walker
Alice Walker
03:32 15 Aug 19
Had the two monsters chipped just incase they fly off.
Richard Wood
Richard Wood
09:47 28 Apr 18
Very knowledgeable. Great staff!
Jane hassing
Jane hassing
14:25 23 Feb 18