Welcome to the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic

Victoria's only bird-only veterinary clinic with 2 fully qualified avian vets, the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic is located in Scoresby, a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia. The clinic was established by avian veterinarian Dr Colin Walker and, since September 2019, has been jointly owned by avian veterinarians Drs Matt Gosbell and Pat Macwhirter. We see pet birds of many species including budgerigars, cockatiels and chickens, as well as racing pigeons, parrots, finches, and birds of other species on a daily basis. The clinic offers a full range of diagnostic, medical and surgical avian veterinary services in a competent, caring environment. 

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9 am - 6 pm, Saturdays 9 am to noon, Sundays 10:30 am to noon. Please phone for an appointment during these times. We do not open on public holidays. 

We appreciate your patience as we are currently updating this website.