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Dr Corrie Pinkster


Corrie has always loved animals and graduated with her Veterinary degree from University of Melbourne in 2006. She began working at, what was then the Knox Bird Vet, very soon after graduation and quickly become fascinated with bird behaviour and medicine after adopting Gazza, a stray galah from the clinic.


She completed intensive study in bird medicine and surgery and was admitted by examination as a member of the Australia & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 2012. She continued to work for the current clinic, which transitioned to become the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic until 2018 when she moved over to dog and cat medicine in anticipation of moving to regional Victoria.


She is enjoying country life in Gippsland with 4 parrots, 4 chickens, 2 dogs, 8 sheep, a cat and her husband. Work was just not the same without seeing a lot of birds, so she has come back on board to help caring for her more of the feathered patients that she loves. As well as general medicine and surgery, she has a strong interest and experience in behaviour and helping caregivers to develop a great relationship with their birds, and for birds to live healthy and happy lives.

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