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Diet for Rainbow Lorikeets

In the wild, rainbow lorikeets feed on nectars and pollen from flowering plants. It would be impossible to provide this diet to a captive bird, so we must offer the foods that most closely resemble the natural diet.

The diet we recommend be fed:

High quality lorikeet formula (eg. Passwell or Wombaroo)

  • These are both designed as complete diets for lorikeets. A number or other brands exist which make this claim but many of them are little more than sugar and flour combinations. If you are feeding a brand other than these, please ask us about whether this is a good diet for your bird.

  • The Passwell is formulated primarily as a dry food but can be fed either as a dry powder or mixed with water to make a liquid feed.

  • The Wombaroo is intended to be fed as a wet mix and doesn’t settle out like the passwells. To save having to mix it daily, it can be made in batches and frozen in an ice-cube tray, and thawed out as needed. This helps to reduce wastage.

A range of fresh fruit and vegetables

  • These should always be available for your bird.

  • Fruits are usually preferred by the bird but a variety of vegetables should also be provided.

  • Some ideas – endive, silver beet, bok choy, spinach, broccoli, peas, corn, capsicum, nectarine, peach, mango, paw paw, pear, apple, grapes. The latter three should be limited to small quantities as they are quite high in sugar.

  • Any fruit or vegetable that we eat EXCEPT FOR avocado, onion and rhubarb.

Fresh water always available and changed daily

Native plants

  • Flowers, branches and leaves from the common natives are all safe to give your lorikeet. They provide a good supplementation of food and entertainment for your bird. Examples – bottle brush, gum and wattles.


  • Seed and nuts should never be fed to lorikeets

  • Healthy alternatives for treats include small pieces of dried fruit, favourite fresh fruit, fruit puree or nectar mix from a spoon or syringe.

IMPORTANT: Food hygiene is essential for a healthy lorikeet. Food and water must be provided fresh and both dishes washed at least once in any 24 hour period. If food or water is allowed to sit for long periods, bacterial and yeast overgrowths can occur which can make your bird sick.

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